Roger Wilkinson

When I qualified in 1991 there wasn’t a post-grad medicine qualification available so I did a dermatology certificate -as the next best thing. And there will always be itchy dogs!. Plus the cytology and endocrinology aspects are useful for all kinds of things.

CertVD 1997

No sooner had I gotten through that, the RCVS created the CertSAM: so then I got to do the cert that I wanted in the first place.

CertSAM 2002

Over the years, medicine cases lead to me spending more and more time in ultrasonography. The first machine I got my hands on was in 1993 -the size of a car with a little green CRT screen. Although I was lucky to sometimes work alongside full-time cardiologists, I was often default cardiologist for years at a time in most of my practices.

I was always conscious that, being largely self-taught, I needed some more rigour to my scanning protocols. Since there is no ultrasonography-only qualification in the UK, I signed up with the USA-based International Veterinary Ultrasound Society (IVUSS).

IVUSS certificate in canine & feline ultrasonograhy & echocardiography 2014

Finally, in November 2015 I completed the ESPVS cardiology PgC programme which carries eligibility for advanced practitioner status for cardiology.

PgC (Cardiology) 2015

Roger Wilkinson MA VetMB CertVD CertSAM MRCVS

IVUSS certificate holder