Request a Visit

IMPORTANT STUFF: Generally-speaking, if you have whatsapp contact with us then that works best.  We can read and deal with whatsapp messages much more efficiently than phone calls.  If you message via a whatsapp group with us then that message is accessible to our whole team and will get dealt with faster.  Obviously feel free to ring (07864 799891): it’s just that the lines are often very busy, it takes ages to deal with voice messages and we are only able to answer the main number during office hours -whereas whatsapp gives you access to our team at other times.

Out of hours: we can’t guarantee service in all areas at all times but we always do our best to look after you.  If you have a whatsapp group with us then use that: we generally keep an eye on this as much as normal life allows.  Otherwise email: we monitor these on a daily basis.  The request form below goes to email.  If it’s really urgent please whatsapp or ring us as well as completing the form!

Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us personally.  We each have personal email in the format and our phone numbers are on the bottom of our reports.  Bear in mind that we occasionally take holidays! It’s often better to message us as a group via whatsapp or email to make sure that your message gets a prompt reply.

It will help us to help you if, when requesting or confirming a visit, you have a moment to complete and submit the request form. Since we’re generally doing three things at the same time, a written record helps avoid slip ups.

For the protection of all involved please download our consent form and ask owners to sign on admission alongside any that you use. We are acting as agents for you guys but it’s important in this chain of responsibility that we have clarity about exactly what has/hasn’t been consented.