ECT offers a unique alternative option in the management of otherwise intractable cancers.  Application of electric impulses opens micro-channels in tumour cell membranes.  These allow access for chemotherapeutic agents: achieving targeted, local effect.  A wide variety of practical applications include stand-alone, post-operative, intra-operative and palliative use.  ECT equipment is fully-portable and can be brought to your practice.

Cancer immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a relatively new and exciting oncologic treatment modality.  Many tumours evade immune surveillance by modifying the body’s response.  Individualised, injectable immunotherapy ‘re-educates’ the immune system to promote anti-tumour response.  This approach can be combined synergistically with conventional chemotherapy.  It is especially indicated in the management of canine B cell lymphoma.


Veterinary chemotherapy differs significantly from that used in human medicine. Quality of life DURING treatment is very important for us! For this reason the protocols used in animal oncology are less toxic: we can reassure pet owners and help them to choose an appropriate regime.  We use both high dose chemo (with a week or more between two doses) and metronomic protocols (low dose chemo with no breaks) tailored to cancer type and patient needs.